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To survive in the competitive market of electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to have all types of starter kits available with all the modern features. Blu, Green Smoke, and Halo – all the e-cig brands are available with more than one starter kits. The kits are different regarding the features and the services they provide. The customers of all level and classes will get their suitable starter kits in each of the above mentioned companies. It is really necessary to make a good impression in the market.

Blu cigs, Green Smoke and Halo Cigs Starter Kit Review

Blu is very familiar for its grand design starter kits. One of the most attractive part of Blu e-cig starter kit is the customization options. The wide range of customization option will make the kits compatible with all customers. You may have your favorite colors, nicotine strengths, flavors, price, etc. However, the price level of the advance level e-cigs is little bit higher. But, with the discount service it will also be accessible by most of the customers. There are three popular starter kits of Blu. Those are Original Blu Starter kit, Premium Blu Starter kit, and Premium 100 Blu Starter Kit. All of them will be with 5-cartridges pack. The features are almost same. However, there are better customization option in Premium 100 Blu Starter Kit. The battery life of Premium 100 Starter kit is very strong and can let you vape up to your demand. The long battery is very powerful and best in usages. The price range is $69.99 to $89.99.

On the other hand, Green Smoke is another brand for meeting your demand in the fullest sense. Green smoke has got the largest number of e-cig starter kits. The most expected kits are Pro kit, Express Kit, Ultimate Kit, Love Bird Kits, Essential Kits, etc. The Love Bird Kits are actually a pair of kits in a single pack. It is helpful for the limited budget customers. The ultimate kit is available with the best services to the customers. It has got an ultimate price of $92 which is really reasonable in comparison to its features.

In contrast, Halo as we know that the cheapest starter kit brand all around the world. It is very convenient and can be accessible by all the customers. No matter whether you have less budget or more, you can certainly go for Halo e-cig. However, the Triton Tank and the G6 both are available with all necessary options. The Triton Tank starter kits is providing additional services to the customers regarding the battery life, flavors, deep vaping service, and the customization options.

To say about the coupon codes, Green Smoke will exceed all other e-cig starter kits. Green Smoke Coupon Codes service will allow the customers to get up to $37 discount in its Ultimate Kit. Moreover, it has almost 30% discount in all the other starter kits. A 20% coupon code for Blu cigs is available for you to get their starter kits. Lastly Halo Triton Tank is now available with a 10% Halo cigs coupon discount.

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If you are a newbie vaper, then chances are you are getting a hard time navigating through the different options available in the e-cigarette world. E-cig brands are appearing like mushrooms and there’s a plethora of E-cig flavors, accessories and types to choose from. Luckily, we are here to help. This guide will help make the transition to E-cigarettes much easier by helping you find the best E-cig for you.

Choose a Cigarette-Like Appearance
As a beginner, you should get something that replicate the smoking experience perfectly. So you should choose an E-cigarette appearance that resembles tobacco cigarettes. There are many types of E-cigarettes around, cig-a-likes, eGO, mods, vaporizers etc. As the name implies, you should choose cig-a-likes as a beginner. After you get used to using e-cigarettes, appearance may not be as important, so its also best to let your options open as time goes by and try the more powerful versions of E-cigs.

Thick Vapor Production
The amount of vapor produced is extremely important if you’re looking for a smoking-like experience. Most brands will give a decent amount of vapor but only a few really gives out thick vapor.

Find The Right Nicotine Levels
Even if you chose the best E-cig brand around, if you didn’t get the right nicotine levels, chances are you will not enjoy vaping at all. So think about how much nicotine you’ll need. If you’re a heavy smoker (more than 20 per day) it might be a good idea to find a brand which offers 24mg cartridges. This makes it more likely that the e-cig will satisfy your cravings and you won’t drain the battery too quickly to get the nicotine hit you’re looking for. 18mg cartridges are enough for most users, though. It is important to choose an E-cig brand with at least four different options of nicotine strength as you may want to reduce your nicotine consumption from time to time.

Choose Powerful Batteries
Choose an E-cig battery that last long. Generally, you’ll find batteries that last for between 200 and 300 puffs and that is good. However, it is best if you can find batteries that can last more than 300puffs. There’s also two types of batteries: manual and automatic. You should choose between the two too. Automatic batteries are better for newbies as they activate when you inhale. While a manual battery is activated when you push the small button on the side. This may seem laborious but many vapers enjoy manual batteries because they can control the amount of vapor produced by their E-cigarettes.

Choose Great Flavors
Last but definitely not the least is to choose a great flavor. Enjoy the traditional tobacco and menthol flavors or choose from some exotic ones like chocolate, vanilla, coffee and pina colada.

Our top recommended brand: Apollo e cigs
Overall, Apollo cigs is our most recommended E-cig brand. They have everything you need to get started including long lasting batteries, different nicotine strengths, thick vapor production, 40 flavors to choose from and different types of E-cigarettes (their Standard kit is the cig-a-like type, their Superior eGo kit is an eGo type and their Vtube Kit is a Vaporizer type). They also offer Apollo e cig coupons for you to get instant e-cig discounts. We saw a 25% off all items in Apolloecigs.com coupons at Dealometry.com Try Apollo cigs today and experience an out of this world vaping experience. Enjoy!

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2014.01.10 ecigologist 003 Switch To Blu Cigs, Halo Cigs and Apollo Cigs Today And Make Your Partner Much Happier

A romantic relationship between a smoker and a non smoker is really hard. It’s like North Pole and South Pole and there will surely be some confrontation that is going to happen once in a while. However, if both people love each other, then they should find a solution that will benefit both parties. Enter Electronic cigarettes. That’s right. So if you are a smoker that is in a “smoker – nonsmoker relationship”, E-cig is the right way to go. E-cigs give out the same satisfying experience that smoking can give you minus all the negative effects of it. It produces thick smoke-like vapor, it has flavors that you can savor and it also give out a nice throat hit. Here’s how E-cigarettes can make you and your non-smoker partner be happy that you switched.

1. You will not stink anymore. Let’s get blunt here. You really stink when you smoke and it is a major turnoff. Even smokers themselves know that they stink and that is why they cover themselves with cologne and chew a gum after smoking. But even the strongest and best colognes don’t do much to conceal it. Showering will, but it’s only a matter of time before another cigarette is smoked. E-cigs on the other hand, don’t produce any smell. Some say that when it does, it smells like cotton candy so it’s a pleasing smell. By switching to E-cigarettes, you and your partner will be happier that you smell good.

2. Be present anytime anywhere. Your nonsmoker partner hates it when you continuously excuse yourself from whatever is going on just to smoke outdoors. Of course you hate it too, it breaks the quality time you are spending together but you just can’t help it as you are getting nicotine cravings. Well, with E-cigarettes, you don’t need to excuse yourself anytime anywhere as E-cigs can be use anywhere, even in indoor places and public places. It doesn’t produce smoke, only vapor and therefore is allowed in most of these places.

3. Most importantly, you’ll be healthier. No one wants to see their partner struggle with health issues. Most smokers have bad coughs, develop breathing problems and eventually acquire a fatal disease or cancer. You may even die young and would not get a chance to spend more time with your partner. So give yourself a chance to be healthy. Say goodbye to the thousands of chemicals that traditional cigarettes have and switch to E-cigarettes.

4. Traditional cigarettes cost a lot. One pack of traditional cigarette cost around $6-$10. That’s around $300 per month you are spending. You and your non-smoker partner always argue about money spent in smoking right? Well even if you got a point that nobody has the right to tell another person what to do with their money, is still hurts your partner that you are wasting money in something that can kill you. Switch to E-cigarettes and save as much as $2000 per year. You heard us right. Survey says that you can save $2000per year or more when you switch to E-cigs. Imagine what you can do with that extra $2000? Maybe you can get a romantic cruise for you are your partner.

Electronic Cigarette Coupons

And that’s not all! Top E-cig brands also offer E-cig coupons to even lower the prices of their products. Brands such as Blu cigs, Halo cigs and Apollo cigs have Blu cigs coupons, Halo cigs coupons and Apollo cigs coupons that can get you up to 50% savings in your purchases. A simple search in google can get you these coupons. Or you can go to one of our favorite coupon site – DealoMetry.com to get Blu e-cigs coupons, Halo e-cigs coupons, Apollo e-cigs coupons and other E-cig brands coupons too. Here are some useful links for you. Enjoy!


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No matter how many times we survey vapers, V2 always standout as the E-cig of their choice. This is why you should buy V2 cigs today! And when we say today, we mean today! As V2 cigs had announced their first big sale of the year! The 2-day storewide sale of v2 cigs will start at midnight on February 27th 2014 and w ill end at February 28th 2014. This store wide sale is limited to only two days so beginning vapers and experienced vapers alike should take advantage of it ASAP. Buy your first V2 starter kit 30% cheaper than the usual or stock up on your flavor cartridges for 30% off! Accessories and batteries (including the newly released V2 cigs Ex batteries) are also discounted.

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Besides the storewide sale that V2 cigs are offering right now. here are some other reasons why you should buy v2 cigs today.


- High quality products with batch testing and quality assessment result open for public.

- Great variety of flavors including V2 red which taste like Marlboro Red.

- Affordable starter kits that range from the very basic to the most elaborate starter kit we’ve seen around.

- Beautiful accessories that will give spice to your vaping experience

- Customer appreciation (great customer support, reward system and coupon codes)


V2 has everything you need at a very reasonable price. And with the V2 storewide sale, you can save even more money. So grab the opportunity now!


But wait, there’s more! As much as I don’t like to sound like the TV shopping network, we really have more to give you. We have V2 cigs coupon codes that are allowed to be use with the sale. That means double the savings where you can get as much as 50% off on your purchase. Use our 15% coupon code on V2 Cigs starter kits and a 10% coupon code for V2 Cigs 2014 cartridges or ex-blanks. Grab the v2 cigs coupon code now, or if you’re a vapor couture user, they also are advertising the SAME SALE on vc, and yes the COUPON CODE on vapor couture is also stackable!  and start saving big on all the products you love from V2 Cigs.

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